Government Department 政府部門
Rating & valuation Department 差餉物業估價署
Land Registry 土地註冊處
Highways Department 路政署
Hong Kong Police Force 香港警務署
Environment protection Deparment 環境保護署
GovHK- one step portal of the Hong Kong SAR Deparment 香港政府一站通
Drainage services Department 渠務署
Consumer Council 消費者委員會
Immigration Department 入境事務署
HK Housing Authority & Housing Department 香港房屋委員會及房屋署
1823 Citizen’s Easy Link 1823政府熱線
Hong Kong Post 香港郵政
Hong Kong Observatory 香港天文台
Legal Ald Department 法律援助署
Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data HK 香港個人資料私隱專員公署
Transport Department 運輸署
Water Supplies Department 水務署
Independent Commission Against corruption ICAC 廉政公署
Food and Environment Hygiene Department 食物環保衛生署
Customs & Excise Department 香港海關
ESD Life 生活易主頁
Office of the Telecommunications Authority 電訊管理局
Inland Revenue Department 稅務局
Education Bureau 教育署